wow. 01-22-07 06:29
well, I guess my Dad is really doing it. hes getting married to the fat bitch Linda. I hate her, I hate her family...I will not be at the wedding. and neither will the rest of my family. Hes not even happy, he doesn't even love her. I asked him what happned to his "theres not enbough alcohol in this world for me to ever marry you" comment..and he told me to get the fuck away.

I'm so stressed. I talked to my brother last night too, he's joining the Navy, just because he wants to get the fuck out of the house. I told him not to, but I can't change his mind

I'm moving to Melbourne to live with my aunt and uncle. yeah,I'll miss everyone, espically ♥Joe, but..I really need to move.

01-18-07 05:21
haha. sorry dan!
wooo 09-14-06 06:46
09-14-06 06:48
oops, i posted it twice, so ill just... make a bunny!! () () (o)(o) (")(") woah, looked fucked up.
I'm sore. 09-14-06 05:22
So, Melissa, Felicia and I went to the Y last night. I worked out really hard, which I need to start doing daily. It felt good though, even though I'm a fatty,I enjoy working out. I'm so sore. It hurts, but it feels good. Weird? probably.

I'm excited to go back to New York. It's going to be so much fun! yay!

I'm hungry, and I want some damn carrots. >:|

I hate being sick. 09-13-06 06:18
So, I'm in Web Design..I don't really do too much though..ha Jen found me on here. Thats cool =] HI JEN!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the dentist. I think im going to buy a real teeth whitinng kit from them. They cost like $300, but I have a job, so why not? Its a lot, but I think it's worth it. I really need to start saving for a fucking car!!

No matter how much I say I don't, and how much I don't want to, I totally miss Joe. But when we are together, I'm only sometimes happy, and thats not what I want for another year and a half of my life. I think this is for the better.

The This Day & Age show was so good, Kyle and I went. It was cool, you think a brother and sister would bond more with everything going on in our house, and we have been. But he also has a job, and his girlfriend, so it was fun just him and I going. We talked to Steve, Mike and Kelly after the show. Their such awesome guys. =]

Wow, I never usually write about everything, but I'm not really in the mood for Photoshop.

I've been writing a lot latley, which is cool because I used to all the time, but then I lost my notebook, now I just save it all on my laptop, makes life easier.

Rough night 09-11-06 20:12
Tonight, was fucking horrible. I cant even begin to explain what happened with Joe and I. It was so hard for me to deal with. Then, fucking Target called, of course, and I had to go into work for a few hours. When I got home, I just wanted to chill out and relax, that did not even come close to happening. I had to clean the whole bathroom, because the 3 other fucking scumbags that use it, never clean.

I talked to Greg though, he made me feel alot better.So, I'm totally thankful that he has came into my life.


Hello, 09-11-06 20:06
My name is krazyrawkin2. I'm new to elowel.